PCE Governing Documents

Covenants & Restrictions

Below are three links to the PCE Covenants and Restrictions. The first one is a link to a scanned version of the complete PCE Covenants and Restrictions, followed by a typed version of the full document. The final link leads to a partial synopsis of key sections.


In addition to the Covenants and Restrictions that govern our neighborhood, the PCE Homeowners' Association Board is further guided by bylaws.

Updating the Covenants and Restrictions

In November of 2014, the Poplar Creek Estates (PCE) Homeowners’ Association Board (Board) first announced its intent to update the Covenants and Restrictions, which lay out certain guidelines for our community and were adopted over 20 years ago, on September 22, 1994. As you may know, recommendations and comments were informally collected throughout 2015, a proposed amendment to the Covenants was crafted with the assistance of an attorney, and the contents of that proposal were shared with PCE residents in November 2015.

Since November 2015, several of our neighbors have expressed interest in playing a larger role in the drafting process. To better facilitate this, the Board has developed a revision plan that will involve multiple homeowner meetings throughout 2016, allowing ample opportunity for community input and discussion, and ensuring that the final outcome is crafted in the best interests of Poplar Creek Estates.

The revision plan began with three identical and strictly informational meetings held at the Bellevue Library on February 16th, March 5th and March 15th, intended to:

  1. Review the existing Covenants and Restrictions, and
  2. Discuss the traditional role and activities of a Homeowners' Association

A licensed realtor was in attendance to lend professional insight to our discussions. There was no presentation of proposed language at those meetings.

  • A video recording of one of these meetings can be viewed here: Part 1, Part 2. (The audio in the recording is low and you may need to turn up your volume.)
  • The slide presentation used during the meetings can be viewed and downloaded here.

The Board will schedule and announce additional meeting dates to discuss actual revision of the Covenants and Restrictions.

** Basic information about this process will be shared by hardcopy mailing to homeowners, but the Board may occassionally have need to communicate by email or make use of online resources like surveys.  To fully take part in this process, we strongly encourage you to join our PCE Homeowners Only mailing list by contacting a board member or creating a profile on this website. **