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Building a deck, other structure, or installing a satellite dish?
Please be advised that any structures, prior to construction, must be submitted to the PCE Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval. Such structures include decks, porches, driveways, digital satellite dishes, fences, playhouses, treehouses, arbors, pools, home additions, sidewalks, etc. Failure to gain construction approval could result in one's being asked to halt construction and/or remove such structures at owner expense. Certain structures such as tin sheds, storage sheds, doghouses, and wire fences are strictly prohibited. Those erecting such structures will be asked to remove them immediately or face board imposed fines and or legal action of the Association. If you are planning any such construction, please be sure to contact the ARC to gain approval. Please use the link to obtain the request form, complete the form and return it to the homeowners association board of directors (email addresses are located in the top Contacts navigation link.

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Architectural Review Committee Request Form
If you are planning to make changes to the exterior of your house, you must fill out and submit this form to the Architectural Review Committee Chair for approval.
PCE Covenants and Restrictions (abridged version)
This links to a partial synopsis of key sections of the PCE Covenants and Restrictions. The remaining sections will be added gradually as time permits.
PCE Covenants and Restrictions (full version)
This is a scanned version of the complete PCE Covenants and Restrictions.