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Hearing held on "Collins Crest"
Metro Planning Commission Meeting of 1/8/04

Project No. Subdivision 2004S-014G-06
Project Name Collins Crest Subdivision

Associated Case None
Staff Reviewer Leeman Council District 35 (Tygard)

Requested By French River Development Company, LLC, owner, and Joseph G. Petrosky Associates, LLC,

engineer Staff Recommendation Approve with conditions, including the construction of sidewalks along Collins Road.

APPLICANT REQUEST Preliminary Plat Subdivide 4.7 acres into 17 single-family lots, along the north side of Collins Road, west of Old Harding Pike.

Existing Zoning RS10 district RS10 district requires a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet and a maximum density of 3.7 dwelling units per acre. The zoning on this property allows a maximum of 17 single-family lots.

Zoning History This property was rezoned to RS10 in October of 2002 (Council Bill BL2002-1144). The Planning Commission recommended approval.

Cluster Lot Option The cluster lot option allows the applicant to reduce minimum lot sizes two base zone districts from the base zone classification or RS10 (minimum 10,000 sq. ft. lots) to RS5 (minimum 5,000 sq. ft. lots). The proposed lots range in size from 7,500 square feet to 9,400 square feet. Pursuant to Section 17.12.080(D) of the Metro Zoning Ordinance, cluster lot subdivisions require a minimum of 15% open space per phase. This plan complies with this requirement by including a total of 0.70 acres (15%) of open space.

Access Access is proposed from Collins Road, which is a collector road on the Major Street Plan. The applicant has indicated that access is not possible from Collinswood Drive since there is a small strip of open space that is part of the Poplar Creek Estates subdivision to the north. The applicant has also indicated that the Poplar Creek Homeowner’s Association will not allow a road through this open space area.

Double-Frontage Lots
The Subdivision Regulations discourage double-frontage lots, except along collector roads to minimize direct access points on the collector road. The Zoning Ordinance requires lots facing two streets to provide a buffer at the rear of the lots to buffer the back of the homes from the street. A 20-foot wide “C” landscape buffer is provided between Collins Road and the proposed double-frontage lots, as per the Zoning Ordinance requirements.

Sidewalk The applicant is requesting a sidewalk variance for 655 feet of sidewalk along the frontage of the proposed subdivision on Collins Road. The applicant’s stated reason for the variance is because the surrounding area within a 0.25 mile radius is developed without sidewalks and the installation of a sidewalk would not be contiguous, and because: “The installation of the sidewalk within the Collins Road right-of-way would undoubtedly have to be demolished if Collins Road were ever upgraded to collector standards in consideration of vertical alignment.”

Street offset
The plan provides a 215 foot offset between the new cul-de-sac and Collinswood Drive. Although the Subdivision Regulations require a 300-foot separation for offset T-intersections, there is no minimum separation requirement for roads on the same side of the street.

Public Works Recommendation
“Collins Road is effectively a one-lane road, and currently has 12 feet of pavement. The requirement to include sidewalks in this subdivision will necessitate widening Collins Road to meet the minimum standards of ST-251, with 23 feet of pavement, and a curb & gutter section on the developer's side of Collins Road. If Collins Road is to be developed into a collector road, then the ST-253 section should be used. Half of the required pavement should be done on the developer's side of Collins Road. Considering that this is a relatively small development (17 lots) with approximately 750 feet of road frontage, there is no obvious path concerning the amount of improvements justified by this development.

[Public Works] would recommend the following: 1. Dedicate 30 feet of right-of-way from the centerline as allowed by our regulations. This is consistent with the rest of Collins Road.

2. Add sufficient pavement with taper (approximately one eleven-foot lane on the Collins Crest side) on Collins Road to meet the minimum 23-ft pavement width of ST-251. If Collins Road is to be widened in the future to a collector road, then the future widening should be on the opposite side from Collins Crest.

3. Add ST-200 curb & gutter to the side of the new pavement with ST-210 sidewalk.

4. Public Works' approval of this plat is subject to review and approval of construction plans for this project.

5. The median on Collins Crest Court must not exceed 75 feet in length from Collins Road, or the 90 degree curve should meet the 110 foot required turning radius from the Subdivision Regulations.

Approve subject to a revised plan including sidewalks along Collins Road, and addressing Public Works recommendations above. Although this road is designated as a collector street on the Major Street Plan, there is insufficient right-of-way on the opposite side of the street to build this as an ST-253 (collector) that is in alignment. Therefore, it should be upgraded on the development side to the ST-251 standard, as per Public Works recommendation. This will allow these improvements to be made in the proper location without the need to tear out improvements at a later date when the right-of-way on the opposite side of the street is acquired.

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