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Bellevue Community Plan Update
To: Bellevue Community Plan Update Participants
From: Anita McCaig
Cindy Wood
Date: May 30April 7, 2003
Re: Follow-Up Items for Bellevue Community Plan: 2003 UpdateResults of Highway 100/Old Harding Pike Triangle Task Force Meeting Held on May 27

Approximately 25 people attended the task force meeting on the Triangle Tuesday night. At that meeting, the possibility of expanding the Neighborhood Center node to include more commercial property was discussed. The majority of those present (there were two people in opposition) decided they were in favor of expanding the commercial node to include three additional properties. Two of these three properties are located on the south side of Highway 100 between the Kroger center and the Pasquo Park subdivision to the west, and the third is directly behind the Kroger store between the site of the proposed YMCA and senior center and the other parcels. The three parcels total 13.14 acres and are vacant. To give some perspective, the current acreage of the Neighborhood Center node is 26.17. For comparison purposes, the acreage of the Retail Concentration Community node at Highway 70S and Old Hickory Boulevard is 99.97. One of the properties is the site of the pending zone change request from RS40 to CL (commercial limited) for an Ace Hardware store. Some information about the parcels:

Map/Parcel 15500012300; Owner: Gregory J. Hardeman, Trustee; 1.50 acres (proposed Ace Hardware site)
Map/Parcel 155000121; Owner: Mary E. Johnson; 8.42 acres (adjacent to Pasquo Park)
Map/Parcel 155000122; Owner Betty B. French; 3.22 acres (parcel behind Kroger)

The majority of those present at the meeting believed that there was not enough commercial opportunity in the node to serve the needs of the area. They also believed that it would be better to use a natural feature (the treeline adjacent to Pasquo Park) as a boundary than the property lines that are the current boundary. The task force also decided that a statement should be included in the plan that zoning in the node should be no more intense than CL.

Because the pending zone change request comes before the Planning Commission (June 12 meeting) before the meeting (July 7) at which all the task forces will report back to the larger group with their recommendations, we decided at the meeting that we would ask for additional input from the Bellevue community plan update distribution list. If you have any comments, please either e-mail, write (our fax is 862-7209), or call either Anita or Cindy. If you wish your comments to be included in the staff report that is mailed to the Commission in advance of the meeting, we will need to have them by the end of the day on Thursday, June 5. Otherwise, please get them to us by the end of the day on Thursday, June 11 so we can convey them to the Commission at the meeting. Thank you.As many of you remember, the Bellevue Community Plan: 2003 Update was adopted on February 13, 2003 with a few items identified as needing follow-up. The Planning Commission asked Planning Department staff to report back in six weeks with a work program for accomplishing the follow-up tasks that were identified at that time as well as any other follow-up items that needed to be addressed. The six weeks have elapsed, and staff is reporting back to the Commission at its April 10th meeting with the following work program (the below was mailed to the Commission on Friday, April 4):

The Planning Commission adopted the Bellevue Community Plan: 2003 Update at its February 13, 2003 meeting. Several follow-up items were identified at the public hearing, and the Commission directed staff to return in six weeks with a proposed work program, including any additional items needing follow-up. The follow-up items that were identified in February were:

„XAreas (including Highway 70S) will be reassessed for neighborhood-scaled office potential subject to community input.

A Special Policy Design Detail will be developed with property owners and surrounding neighborhoods for the area centered on Kroger and Collins Road.

„XFollow-up discussions will be held regarding traditional neighborhoods and conservation subdivisions as alternative development patterns.

Staff identified two more items that need follow-up:

„XMajor and Collector Street Plan Update: The Major and Collector Street Plans for Nashville are now being updated. Given the timeline for this effort, Bellevueˇ¦s portion of those plans, along with any associated transportation plans, should also be updated and amend the recently adopted community plan update.

„Xˇ§Taking Bellevue to the Next Level:ˇ¨ Before addressing any of the follow-up items, staff recommends holding a community meeting on strengthening Bellevueˇ¦s community identity and role as a center. The recently updated plan does include a vision statement for the community. However, in order to discuss the follow-up items, staff believes that the process would benefit substantially if it began with a discussion about ˇ§taking Bellevue to the next levelˇ¨ as a community with a strong sense of identity and cohesiveness that is home to one of Nashvilleˇ¦s four Regional Activity Centers.
Staff proposes the following work program for accomplishing the follow-up items:

„XBegin the follow-up process with the concept-level discussion about ˇ§Taking Bellevue to the Next Level.ˇ¨ This process would begin in early May, with a community meeting and continue as a task force. The task force will develop recommendations on strengthening the Bellevue communityˇ¦s identity and its role as a regional center, and report their findings to the community. (Completion date: June)

„XForm a task force to discuss the draft Major and Collector Street Plans for Bellevue. This process would begin in early June with a community meeting. The draft street plans would be coordinated with other transportation plans (e.g., greenways and transit). The end product will be Bellevueˇ¦s portion of the Major and Collector Street Plans, and would amend the Bellevue Community Plan: 2003 Update as well as the Major and Collector Street Plans. (Completion date: July)
„XThe other three follow-up items would also begin as task force efforts in early June. Again the end products would be reports and any needed amendments to the Bellevue Community Plan: 2003 Update. Task force meetings will be scheduled in such a way that it would be possible for a person to participate in more than one task force, and Planning Department staff will coordinate the various task force efforts. Councilmembers Tygard and Bogen will be involved throughout the process. Any needed plan amendments will be brought before the Commission in early August. (Completion date: July)
„XOver the next several days, staff will be arranging meeting dates, times, and places for the follow-up meetings. We will be sending out another mailing to all of you, hopefully next week, with the details. I will be out of the office on vacation from Monday, April 14 until Wednesday, April 30. While I am gone, you can contact either Anita McCaig at 862-7156/ anita.mccaig@nashville.gov or John Houghton at 862-7192/john.houghton@nashville.gov with your questions or comments. We look forward to working with many of you on the follow-up items this spring and summer with the aim of finishing our work before the Council elections.

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