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32 Inch Television for sale
I have a nice 32-inch color TV (TV STAND IS INCLUDED that provides a quality picture. It is outfitted with Zenith's ZDG high-contrast screen picture tube with a dark tinted glass faceplate that reduces glare and permits greater contrast.

This set includes several upscale video features, including black level expansion and white level compensations. It receives 181 channels with advanced auto programming. The ZDG tube displays a very clean picture free of video noise and artifacts.

The set is housed in a very stylish black cabinet with front-firing speakers. Audio performance is rated at 3 watts per channel. A 3-jack panel on the set provides one A/V input. Convenience features trilingual displays, and Parental Control.

The set includes an ergonomically designed 30-button universal remote with large, oversized keys for a cable box or satellite system (SAT), VCR, VCR/DVD, and Audio (Zenith only) components. The remote is divided into three different sections and features illuminated channel/volume up/down keys.

Other aspects of this set include trilingual on-screen displays, parental control with the V-Chip, and XDS (extended data service). If it broadcast by the station, XDS picks up a special additional information signal that includes the station's call letters, the time, a program description, and ratings.

The Price on the set is $200.00 If you are interested please email svgordon@bellsouth.net or call 646-9109.


Scott & Vanessa Gordon
701 Collins Trace Court

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