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Bellevue Chamber Takes Position on Walgreens
TO: The Bellevue Community
FROM: The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
RE: The proposed development at Highway 100 and Old Harding Pike.

Due to the opportunities at stake concerning this proposed development, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce has decided to take a firm position on this highly charged and emotional issue. We have studied both sides of the issue, attended several of the meetings including the Metro Planning Commission’s meetings and here are the facts as we see them:

FACT: Part of this property is already zoned commercial. Therefore, there will be some type of retail development in the very near future.

FACT: The intersection of Highway 100, Old Harding Pike and Collins Road is a very dangerous area to say the least, and it will only get worse when the YMCA, Senior’s Center and the newly planned housing are added to the mix.

FACT: Neither Metropolitan Nashville government nor TDOT have any plans or inclinations to improve safety at this intersection before the year 2015.

FACT: If the existing commercial section of this property is developed by itself, without the needed improvements, it could and probably will make the area in question even more dangerous.

FACT: The Staff at Harpeth Valley Elementary School has done an outstanding job of managing the comings and goings of its student body and their parents without any serious traffic incident. This is due to hard work by a caring staff, parent cooperation and the Grace of God.

FACT: Homeowners along Highway 100 between the property in question and Temple Road will want to take advantage of the commercial potential and we will soon have many new commercial zoning issues.

FACT: To date, no group has volunteered to either donate or help raise the 4 to 5 million it would take to turn that property into a park.

FACT: The proposed rerouting of Old Harding Pike across the triangular property and the closing of Old Harding Pike at Collins Rd, would in fact provide the needed changes to eliminate the existing traffic hazards in the area.

FACT: If we succeed in stopping Walgreen’s, the community will lose its only chance that we’re aware of at this time, to make this intersection safer. With the soon to be added YMCA, Seniors Center and just the natural growth of the area, this intersection will simply become even more dangerous.

The Chamber’s position is simple, SAFETY FIRST. With “Safety First” as our primary criteria, the next question is, who will provide the desired results? Here are the facts that lead us to our decision:

FACT: Metro Nashville/Davidson County has no plans to resolve this problem.

FACT: TDOT has plans to widen highway 100 through that area to 5 lanes by 2015, with no specific plans to eliminate the traffic hazards.

FACT: We have a company that will solve this problem and pay for it.

This is a time for cool heads and common sense to prevail. Look at the facts, discuss them with your neighbors, come to meetings, ask questions and then vote your conscience. However, please understand this, Walgreen’s is not a Chamber member and we do not have agreements with them. If it were another company making the same offer, we would support their proposal. We want what is good for Bellevue, and saving lives will always come first. We sincerely hope you agree.


Mike Gilmore

Mike Gilmore
Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

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**Collins Rd Cell Tower
Community Meeting**
Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 6pm

Bellevue YMCA

Councilman David Rosenberg has made the PCE Board aware of a public input meeting about plans to build a cell tower at this site. Residents can learn more from the developers and share feedback directly. Please Monitor Councilman Rosenberg's Facebook Page for updates.
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