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O’Charley’s comes to Bellevue
For years now, Bellevue residents have yearned for more full-service restaurant options in the community, but zoning restrictions and a lack of affordable space has had residents dreaming “the impossible dream.”

Friday, O’Charley’s Inc. announced it was making that dream come true, with plans for a 7,000 sq. ft. restaurant near the intersection of I-40 and Highway 70-S just behind the Waffle House and next to Microtel Inn & Suites on Coley Davis Road.

Les Lockhart, director of real estate development for the restaurant chain, says the new eatery should open in late July or early August and will seat nearly 300 people.

While the Westview has mentioned O’Charley’s plans in previous issues, details were unavailable until now.

“We’ve been looking for a Bellevue location for three years,” Lockhart said. “The hard part is finding land in Bellevue that is zoned for our needs. There’s not much out here for a restaurant like O’Charley’s. It’s been pretty difficult.”

“A lot of times, you’ll have very little zoned land and what there is is priced so high you just can’t make the numbers work. He said that Bellevue customers have gone into other locations, such as the O’Charley’s on White Bridge Road and asked why they wouldn’t put one in Bellevue.

“We’ve always gotten quite a number of calls from customers who visit our other locations, saying they’d really, really like an O’Charley’s in Bellevue.”

The White Bridge location is also going to expanding, adding another 1,000 square feet, as the company find success where many others of its caliber have gone out of business in recent months, especially in downtown Nashville. The O’Charley’s chain recently opened in Manchester and is now working on a second Murfreesboro location.

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