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Issues to be Addressed By Planners
Subarea 6/Bellevue Community
Issues Raised at the March 7, 2002 Work Group Meeting

Residential Issues:
1. No Hickory Hollow syndrome (especially concerned about numerous apartments) (no votes)
2. Community identity – there are enough apartments and condos, don’t lose sense of community, longevity and tenure of owner-occupied residents is important (4 votes)
3. Careful placement of multifamily(2 votes)
4. Concentrate apartments and condos along I-40 (1 vote)
5. Residential density and mix – moratorium on high-density residential (12 votes)
6. No strip zoning on Highway 70S – protect residential (7 votes)
7. Protect integrity and quality of residential neighborhoods (1 vote)
8. Housing – demand for various types (4 votes)
9. Boone Trace area growth – use foresight before approving developments (no votes)
10. Integrate nodes of neighborhood commercial development are good (duplicate)

Commercial/Office Issues:
11. No more commercial development on Hwy 100 between Percy Warner Park and Natchez Trace Pkwy (19 votes)
12. Screen off commercial development (1 vote)
13. Concern with code enforcement issues (no votes)
14. Concern with the spot zoning process – promises are made by developers and not kept – need mechanism to downzone as a result of performance failure (4 votes)
15. Educate ourselves as to the locations of available office and commercial space (no votes)
16. Work to bring in good businesses, stay on top of good development (5 votes)
17. Integrated nodes of neighborhood commercial development are good Item 17 received 30 votes, but will be disregarded per the discussion of voting by property owners and not developers.
18. Corner market concept should be pursued at Old Harding Pike and Bellevue Road (duplicate) (1 vote)
19. Create ties with office space and restaurants (no votes)
20. Need constraints on certain types of businesses – gas stations, fast food (3 votes)
21. Generate support for sit-down restaurants (6 votes)

Character/Design Issues:
22. Historic character of Old Bellevue needs to be preserved (3 votes)
23. Corner market concept should be pursued at Old Harding Pike and Bellevue Road (1 vote)
24. Stop the intrusion of commercial development into residential areas (2 votes)
25. Improve the quality and the scale of signs and billboards (no votes)
26. Preserve the historical character of the heart of Bellevue – the Old Harding Pike corridor development (3 votes)
27. Need for buffering and landscaping and good design (3 votes)
28. Provide a better mix of uses within convenient reach – create a walkable community with open space to improve the quality of life (no votes)
29. Step back and slow down. Bellevue has the highest growth in Nashville (1 vote)
30. Evaluate the potential for underutilized land and vacant land (1 vote)
31. Keep Highway 100 a scenic road with bike paths (2 votes)
32. Community should be walkable (no votes)

1. Protect parks and recreation (greenways) (3 votes)
2. Building in floodplain (example of good use – soccer fields) (no votes)
3. Preserve the natural resources and beauty of Bellevue (2 votes)
4. Preserve green space (2 people) (2 votes)
5. Protect the physical environment - that is a community asset (no votes)

1. Keep Collins Road a narrow dead-end road, with no commercial zoning or multifamily(11 votes)
2. Keep Highway 100 a scenic road with bike paths ( 9 votes)
3. Traffic situation at Harpeth Valley School – conflict w/commercial development across from school (4 votes)
4. Traffic will get worse, Bellevue is 50% multifamily – roadway capacity increase was recommended in the last plan but didn’t happen (6 votes)
5. Support public transportation alternatives like commuter rail, Create a pedestrian-friendly community
(4 votes)
6. Evaluate the State Route 840 impacts on the Bellevue area (no votes)
7. Growth will increase traffic congestion and pressure on schools (1 vote)
8. Issue of thoroughfares-do not build Coley-Davis cut-through or further development there (7 votes)
9. Correct/redesign dangerous intersections – Highway 100/Old Harding Pike/Collins Road (16 votes)
10. Pursue connectivity of roads to disperse traffic, reduce congestion (3 votes)
11. Community should be walkable (no votes)
12. Provide for the safety of children, seniors (pedestrians) at intersections (no votes)
13. Install sidewalks (no votes)
14. Bellevue to Brentwood office commute is jammed (1 vote)

1. Stormwater management (3 votes)
2. Percolation issues, preserve the integrity of hills/slopes (no votes)
3. Stop cutting away of hills (13 votes)

1. Infrastructure must keep pace with growth (4 votes)
2. HVUD tap fee of $80/seat thwarted restaurant development in a newly developing area. Address incentives to locate businesses the community desires. (2 votes)
3. Lobby Council representatives to implement the adopted plan and to provide needed infrastructure (no votes)
4. When a proposal comes in, require that the infrastructure be supplied first (1 vote)

1. Timeframe for the YMCA and Senior Center – hurry up (4 votes)
2. School – Harpeth Valley bursting at the seams into trailers, add a high school (6 votes)
3. Bellevue Middle School needs an overhaul (noted that renovation is in process)
4. Bellevue needs more ambulance coverage (1 vote)
5. Examine the housing impact on Harpeth Valley School capacity – there is no room for new students
6. The hours of operation for the library are insufficient (1 vote)
7. Provide for seniors (no votes)
8. Bellevue needs a primary care facility – satellite medical center (no votes)
9. Quality of education at middle school level needs to improve (2 votes)
10. Build a new, larger library (2 votes)
11. Address the impact of the growing population on schools (no votes)

1. Council needs to make a commitment to adhere to the plan document (3 votes)
2. Developers must delivery on promises (2 votes)

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