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Notice of Public Hearing
Metro Planning Commission Public Hearing on January 8, 2009 at 4:00pm. Located at: Metro Southeast Building 1417 Murfreesboro Pike, in the Green Hills Conf. Room This is an opportunity to show reason or cause as to why the change should or should not be changed. A request to change from CN to SP-C zoning properties located at 7860 Learing Lane and 8236Collins Road to permit a 15,824 square foot day care center for up to 175 children, requested by E. Roberts Alley & Associates, applicant, for Harold McClain etux and Rosalee Gann, owners.

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Architectural Review Committee Request Form
If you are planning to make changes to the exterior of your house, you must fill out and submit this form to the Architectural Review Committee Chair for approval.
PCE Covenants and Restrictions (abridged version)
This links to a partial synopsis of key sections of the PCE Covenants and Restrictions. The remaining sections will be added gradually as time permits.
PCE Covenants and Restrictions (full version)
This is a scanned version of the complete PCE Covenants and Restrictions.