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February 26, 2008


Find the architectural drawings here:  http://www.poplarcreekestates.org/mod/secfile/index.php?section_id=2

The meeting attendees included:

J. Arnold Von Hagen, Director, Planning and Construction, Metro Public Schools

Brent Ostermiller , Project Manager, Metro Public Schools

Marsha Hagan Warden, Board Chair, Metro Public Schools

Peggy Brodien, Principal, Harpeth Valley Elementary

Jill Romano, Hinson Miller Kickirillo Architects, PLLC.

Phillip Piercy, Engineer, Littlejohn Engineering Associates

The project is to start in the summer of 2008. It should be completed within one year. The new classes should be available for the fall 2009 school year.

The project will encompass an additional 13 class rooms, two music classes, two art classes and an expanded dinning room.

The elementary is currently over the original capacity of 600 students and has ten portables. There are approximately 700 students currently attending Harpeth Valley. This project will allow for the expansion of the current capacity to around 850 students while buying time until the next west-side school can be built.

It has been suggested that the next school to be built will be on McCrory Lane. This may take place ,at the earliest, by 2011 depending on the continued growth patterns in the Hillwood Cluster.

The borders of the school adjacent to the residential property will be landscaped to keep a barrier between the homes and the school.

The new addition to the school will keep the existing color scheme.

The existing pre-fabricated buildings will be moved to the front of the school on a temporary basis. Once the building is complete they will be removed .

The existing walking path may be moved.

There will be a zoning meeting on March 6th.

The association may or may not need to grant a small easement to the school.

More information can be found at www.mnps.org or www.nashville.gov .

We will try to keep you updated via the Poplar Creek Estates Web Site with any news and the architectural drawings www.poplarcreekestates.org .



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