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Yard Signs
The Board of Directors grants written permission for placement of the following signage. The PCE BOD's reserves the right to ask any resident to take down any sign, including those covered by this permission, should it deem them in poor taste. All other signs, not listed below, must be approved in writing by the PCE BOD's prior to placement.

Political signs are only permitted if they name a candidate for office. They can be placed no more than 30 days prior to the scheduled election date and must be removed within one week after the election date. No more than one sign per candidate may be displayed on a property. No banners, banner type signs, signs in windows, signs hanging from the roof, etc. are permitted under any circumstances. Additionally, no political signs that pertain to causes are permitted without expressed written consent of the BOD's. For example, property tax referendum signs, signs legalizing gambling, supporting liquor by the drink, etc. are not part of this permission.

"No Trespassing" and "Beware of Dog" signs are permitted but subject to good taste as determined by the BOD's.

"Burgular Alarm" signs that indicate the presence of an alarm may be posted at a mailbox or front entryway but not in the middle of the yard. No alarm sign solely for the purpose of advertisement is permissible without Board consent.

"Home Improvement/Temporary construction" signs are permitted for display during work hours. They must be removed after normal work hours and on weekends unless construction workers are present. Such signs must be removed upon completion of the project.

Birth Announcement Signs are permitted for a one week period after which they must be removed. These signs may be placed in the yard only. They are not permitted to be placed in windows, stuck on the dwelling, or displayed as banners.

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**Collins Rd Cell Tower
Community Meeting**
Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 6pm

Bellevue YMCA

Councilman David Rosenberg has made the PCE Board aware of a public input meeting about plans to build a cell tower at this site. Residents can learn more from the developers and share feedback directly. Please Monitor Councilman Rosenberg's Facebook Page for updates.
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