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Planning Commission Rejects Staff, Approves Subarea Amendment
The amendment will take the area across from Poplar Creek Estates from Residential Low-Medium Density policy (Currently the status throughout sub area 6), which allows for residential development at densities between 2 and 4 dwelling units per acre, and Natural Conservation policy, which allows for very low density residential development, to Community Center policy (not currently part of the sub area 6 plan), which allows for a mixture of commercial, office, and residential uses, and Residential
Medium Density policy, which allows for residential development at
densities between 4 and 9 dwelling units per acre.

The Planning Department staff had recommended that the commission delay a vote on the proposal until next year to allow the staff to conduct a more complete impact assessment. The commission voted against this recommendation.

The motion to approve was put forth by Commissioner Tonya Jones, a Bellevue resident. Jones told her fellow commissioners she believed Temple Road should be extended from Highway 100 to Old Harding Road, and that the developer's plan would be the best chance to have that done at no cost to the taxpayer. She added that she was concerned that if the amendment was not approved, property owners in the affected area would begin selling their land "piecemeal," eliminating the opportunity for such a development.

Earlier, Councilman Charlie Tygard told the commissioners to "either vote this up or down" but to take a vote and not accept the staff recommendation for further study.

Developer Roy Dale told the commission that contracts with existing property owners were close to expiration and warned that the proposed development might be in jeopardy if further study delayed his group's plans for a Publix supermarket and shops in the area.

With only one dissent, the commission approved Jones' motion to approve the amendment.

This approved amendment would allow for placement of multi-family homes. This means condominiums are an option as are townhouses, and/or apartments. The developer has stated he has no plans for apartments; however, the new land use poslcy would not restrict that from occurring.

Before the development can proceed the property will have to be rezoned by the Metro City Council. Developers have told the commission they want a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in the area and will have to provide drawings and specifics.

Further public meetings in the area are expected to be held on the rezoning and PUD requests.

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