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Metro Planning Commission Public Hearing on Bellevue "Triangle" plan to be held Dec. 9
The amendment request being considered by the Planning Commission is to go from Residential Low-Medium Density policy (Currently the status throughout sub area 6), which allows for residential development at densities between 2 and 4 dwelling units per acre, and Natural Conservation policy, which allows for very low density residential development, to Community Center policy (not currently part of the sub area 6 plan), which allows for a mixture of commercial, office, and residential uses, and Residential
Medium Density policy, which allows for residential development at
densities between 4 and 9 dwelling units per acre.

This proposed amendment,if approved, would allow for placement of multi-family homes where zoned. This means condominiums are an option as are townhouses, and/or apartments. The developer has stated he has no plans for apartments; however, this zoning would not restrict that from changing/occurring.

On Nov. 3 and Dec. 2, members of the Metro Planning Commission staff held 1 1/2 hour meetings with residents to discuss the proposed sub area 6 amendment. The staff outlined the many factors it takes into consideration when making its report to the Planning Commission. At present, the staff does not and even indicated it has never thought the current RLM zoning of the area is conducive to this tract. Also in the discussion, were three proposed plan options. As the HOA receives more information, it will be passed along to residents. The staff explained that it DOES NOT approve or disapprove nor would that approval/disapproval occur as a result of a vote of residents at the meetings. The Metro Planning Commission is the body who votes to approve, disapprove, or defer. It uses the staff report (includes input from community meetings) and the community feedback from the public hearings to render its decision. What is proposed is an amendment to the sub area 6 plan not a zoning change. If the amendment were to be approved, the developer could/would then seek the necessary zoning change that would be required to complete the proposed development. Zoning changes are approved by the Metro Council.

For more information about the amendment request, please contact Cindy Wood at cynthia.wood@nashville.gov or at 862-7166.


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**Collins Rd Cell Tower
Community Meeting**
Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 6pm

Bellevue YMCA

Councilman David Rosenberg has made the PCE Board aware of a public input meeting about plans to build a cell tower at this site. Residents can learn more from the developers and share feedback directly. Please Monitor Councilman Rosenberg's Facebook Page for updates.
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