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Collinswood Drive Resuracing

May 7, 2016

Dear Poplar Creek Residents,

Last month the PCE HOA Board issued a survey of homeowners to solicit input on the Collinswood Drive resurfacing. The Board was excited by the opportunity to include homeowners in this decision and are thankful to those who shared their views. Below are the results of that survey:

First Preferences (96 total)
Duplicate lines: 50 (52%)
No markings: 19 (20%)
Lines closer to curb: 9 (9%)
Bike lanes: 18 (19%)

Highest preferences after eliminating the two least popular options
Duplicate lines: 69 (72%)
No Markings: 27 (28%)

Preferences of Collinswood Drive residents (22 total)
Duplicate lines: 16 (72%)
No markings: 2 (9%)
Lines closer to the curb: 0
Bike lanes: 3 (14%)

As you can see, homeowners on Collinswood Drive and across Poplar Creek Estates responded resoundingly in support of the previously existing white edge lines, which have been re-applied to the street.

For those who noticed that the lines were re-applied before completion of the PCE survey, the Board would like to clarify that this was not our intent. While the Metro Government was aware of early returns to our survey that strongly favored duplicating the edge lines, we believe that a mistake or miscommunication was responsible for the project being completed before our full input could be offered. The Board will continue to communicate with Metro to discern how this happened and to be well prepared for future projects.

In total, we are excited by the success of this effort and are glad to share it with you.


PCE Spring Maintenance Notice

May 5, 2016

Dear Fellow PCE Homeowners,

With the arrival of Spring comes the return of yard cleanup, landscaping, and lawn mowing. The Homeowner's Association Board would like to take this opportunity to remind Homeowners of the requirements for lawn maintenance and care included in Article III, Section 6, "Lawns-Yards" of the Poplar Creek Estates Covenants and Restrictions:

"The owners of lots, including ones on which construction has not commenced, or occupants of residences thereon shall keep and maintain such lots in a neat and orderly fashion, causing the shrubbery to be trimmed to avoid excessive heights, promptly removing dead shrubs and broken tree limbs, cutting grass and removing rubbish. Grass shall not be allowed to exceed the height of eight inches."

Maintenance of our yards and landscaping (bushes, beds, etc.) is paramount to attracting buyers and keeping property values high, and the Covenants and Restrictions call on the HOA Board to enforce violations of this section.

"If the owner of a lot or occupant of a residence thereon, after notice in writing from a Developer, the Homeowners Association or the Architectural Review Committee (any of which are referred to as the noticing entity) shall fail and refuse to comply with a reasonable request to observe this restriction, the noticing entity or its appointees may enter upon such lot for the purpose of cutting grass, trimming shrubs or cleaning up the lot, if the same be reasonably required, charging the expense thereof to the owner of the lot or the occupant of the residence thereon. In such case, the noticing entity shall be entitled to the benefits of a mechanic's lien."

If you have not done your spring cleanup, now is the time to begin that. Effective May 15th, the HOA will begin the process of monitoring compliance to this most important article in our covenants and issuing notice reminders to those not in compliance. If you receive notice and have a hardship - financial, physical, or health, please contact our office. The HOA is certainly willing to work with residents with any type of hardship. Being out of compliance just cannot be indefinite.

Thank you,


Jesse Moore

HOA Board President


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